“Killer in Disguise” – Triumph Over Adversity

Check out this song by Triumph Over Adversity, off their upcoming EP “Secrets On Paper” due out in August 2013. This pop punk, rock band from Ontario draws their influences from All time Low, Mayday Parade and bands of the like. Make sure you check them out! Great lyrics.


“Hidden” – Fighting the Villain

Make sure you check out this progressive rock band from California. Definitely worth listening! They have been on Warped Tour! Make sure you follow these guys as they get bigger!

Make sure you get their music on iTunes!
They are also on iHeartRadio and Spotify!


“Stay Away From My Friends” (PTV COVER) – Matthew Leverknight

If you like Pierce the Veil’s song “Stay Away From My Friends,” make sure you check out this cover by Matthew Leverknight of The Unheard Story.

Follow him on twitter @theunheardstory

This band is just starting out so make sure you follow them as they start the crazy journey of being in a band.

Also, if you are looking to be in a band – they are still looking for band mates. They are in Maryland.

Revolt Media’s Best of 2013 So Far

What are your thoughts of the best albums of 2013 so far?

Revolt Media

2013 has been a very good year in music so far, and although there has yet to be a definite standout, there have been many strong albums. A year for diverse music taste (disco, black metal, shoegaze, folk, electro and whatever one would describe Yeezus as), we will go ahead and list some of our favorite music from the past six months. Enjoy! (in alphabetical order, click on a song to hear it.)

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap

Without any doubt, the strongest hip hop album/mixtape of the year so far. With Kanye, Jay and Drake releasing albums in 2013, the young newcomer definitely set the bar high when he released this early in the year. “Chain Smoker” is the strongest rap track of the year so far.

Daft Punk - RAM

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories.

The new, highly anticipated record by the iconic duo was inspired by the…

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