“Clarity” – From These Heights

Check out this song by From These Heights featuring Joe Burcin of Order by Sigma. This post-hardcore band from Pennsylvania has opened for several bands such as A Skylit Drive, Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, Our Last Night and many others.

You can get all of their songs on their band camp http://fromtheseheights.bandcamp.com/

Make sure you check their twitter and facebook for updates as well as the following sites:


“Classic” – Lunch Money Gang

Rap music fans: Check out this sick song off the “Sega Geniuses” LP. Awesome flow and great beat. Some of their music blends hip hop,rap, pop, and rock music and do a great job with it. They have toured with many indie rock and pop rock bands and have received great responses from various genres. Make sure you check them out. worth a listen!

Check out their website:

follow on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lunchmoneygang
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lunchmoneygang

As Gideon Weeps

Hey guys!  Check out this up and coming hardcore band, As Gideon Weeps!  They just released an album last month called “Nobody Will Know What It Feels Like, But Everyone Will Know How Little It Means”!  These guys combine spoken word with music and do a great job with it.   They describe their music as “Poems of hopeless romance set to song” Definitely worth a listen! 

Check out their popular song “…But Everyone will Know How Little It Means” here:


You can download the album for free here! http://www.mediafire.com/download/i6huermr5ly1f5y/As_Gideon_Weeps.zip  

Bandcamp it over here:


Make sure you like them on facebook


and also follow on twitter! www.twitter.com/asgideonweeps

Sick Puppies new CD, “Connect” is out!

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Earlier this week, the new album by Sick Puppies, “Connect” came out. I have been a long time fan of these Australilan rockers and they never cease to amaze me. For them I have my new saying, ” I love you more than your last album but less than your next album”.  I can’t imagine ever loving them any more than I do and then… BAM… their new music just has me loving them even more.

I just had the opportunity to listen to the whole “Connect” album and I am just in awe of this new phase of Sick Puppies!  I love when a band explores their adventurous side and steps outside their comfort zone and displays a new side to themselves. That is what I feel they have down with this CD.

From the moment I first heard their new single, “There’s No Going Back” and…

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