Sick Puppies new CD, “Connect” is out!

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Earlier this week, the new album by Sick Puppies, “Connect” came out. I have been a long time fan of these Australilan rockers and they never cease to amaze me. For them I have my new saying, ” I love you more than your last album but less than your next album”.  I can’t imagine ever loving them any more than I do and then… BAM… their new music just has me loving them even more.

I just had the opportunity to listen to the whole “Connect” album and I am just in awe of this new phase of Sick Puppies!  I love when a band explores their adventurous side and steps outside their comfort zone and displays a new side to themselves. That is what I feel they have down with this CD.

From the moment I first heard their new single, “There’s No Going Back” and…

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