Check out this New York based pop punk band “KillScreen”.   This band is definitely worth a listen.  Make sure you check their facebook and twitter for upcoming shows.   They recently just played at With The Punches last show.


You can download their EP Non-Fiction here:


“All Out Of Excuses” – Your Favorite Franchise

Check out this pop rock band out of Miami, FL! They have a new album called “Sophomore Sellout” which will be out on September 10th. Make sure you pick it up. They have won Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands the last two years.

You can get their album “The Hardest Part” on iTunes here:

The Sophomore Sellout here:

Facebook and twitter:

Merch here:


Check out this death metal band from South Africa!!   They describe themselves as pure unrestricted death metal. 

You can download their songs for free here:


You can follow them and like them on twitter and facebook here:



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