A Day To Remember’s ‘Common Courtesy’: What Fans Can Expect


With the release date only a few days away and pre-orders rushing in, many fans are wondering what they can expect to hear on the new album.  Although it’s set to release October 8th, there’s been much speculation in the past as to when it will actually be released.  There’s also been a lot of talk about the album being self-released. Although A Day To Remember is under Victory Records, Jeremy Mckinnon announced the album will indeed be self-released, leaving fans to wonder what they can expect October 8th. The band teased fans by releasing a first song off the album, titled “Violence [Enough Is Enough.” Full of sick riffs and heavy breakdowns, this song takes on a new feel for the band.  Focusing less on the impact of the cleans, they use breakdowns to pack a major punch throughout the song.  By releasing this song early and…

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