Day 11 of Bands You Have to Know goes to Shotgun Harlot

Music Junkie Press

Shotgun Harlot

A year ago I introduced you to Shotgun Harlot, and then we told you about their upcoming new EP, Crescent Moon, read post here. They are an incredible local band with a big sound that demands to be heard. They deliver down and dirty ROCK n ROLL that will have you raising your fists in the air, drink in the other and raising hell with friends!  We also featured an interview with lead singer, Dylan D. Waltz and you can read that post  here.

It is time that everyone gets to know and listen to this high energy, well crafted hard rock band.  Their EP Crescent Moon is set for a January release and they will be having an EP release party on January 4th, 2014 at Spancky’s in Cotati.  It is going to be a night full of rock-n-roll and will include special guests, Bad Boy Eddy…

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