Fast Fox!

Fast Fox is a rock band out of Washington!  This rock band formed in 2006 and released their first self titled demo LP in 2011. After several months of working hard, looking for the right studio, and people to work with and trying to find the spark they’ve been looking for they finally found it and turned it into their first EP.  They released their EP “Raised By Wolves” in September 2013 and went on to play several shows and as well as reaching the finals at Battle of the Bands in Portland and playing to a packed house. 


Make sure you check them out on twitter and facebook for updates on the band as well as new music and shows!


Vers! — Drake fans must watch!

Rap fans make sure you check out Vers. Vers is an up and coming rapper out of Florida and is known for his range of rap styles. Make sure you check out the video (below) of him doing impersonations of rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, and Eminem. He releases a new video each week on Thursday (Versday). So make sure you check out all his videos/remixes.

Buy his new album released a few months ago “Remeber Me” on iTunes here:

Follow him on twitter and facebook to keep up with all his new music and shows!

Vers Imitates several rappers while freestyling!

BEST 100 ALBUNS OF 2013 (WeOnlyListen)



  1. KEATON HENSON – Birthdays
  3. GAMBLES – Trust
  4. ARCADE FIRE – Reflektor
  5. FLAAMINGOS – Flaamingos
  6. PALMA VIOLETS – 180
  7. KURT VILE – Wakin On A Pretty Daze
  8. SAVAGES – Silence Yourself
  9. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Like Clockwork
  10. PEACE – In Love
  11. GIARDINI DI MIRÓ – Good Luck
  12. SON LUX – Lanterns
  13. THE NATIONAL – Trouble Will Find Me
  14. JOHN GRANT – Pale Green Ghosts
  15. SCOUT NIBLETT – It’s Up To Emma
  16. THE REVIVAL HOUR – Scorpio Little Devil
  17. CHELSEA WOLFE – Pain Is Beauty
  18. THE POPOPOPOPS – Swell
  19. THE KNIFE – Shaking The Habitual
  20. NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS – Push The Sky Away
  21. BIG SCARY – Not Art
  22. BILL CALLAHAN – Dream River
  23. ANNA CALVI – One Breath
  24. GLASSER – Interiors
  25. VILLAGERS – {Awayland}
  26. KING KRULE – King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
  28. MAN-MAN – On…

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Ben Kessler!

Check out this 15 year old singer/songwriter out of Pennsylvania.  Ben Kessler writes, records, and produces his own music as well as covers many artists such as John Mayer, Tom Petty, John Butler, and many others.   Kessler released his first acoustic EP entitled “Three” in March 2013.   After releasing “Three” he began working on his self-titled debut album, “Ben Kessler”.  He released “Ben Kessler” within four months of releasing “Three”.  He released his latest EP “The Start” in early December.  You can listen to “The Start” below or on bandcamp.   Make sure you check his facebook for upcoming shows in January and February. 


Make sure you check him out on twitter, facebook, Bandcamp, and Reverbnation!


Provoke, Destroy!

Metalcore/Post-Hardcore fans, make sure you check out Provoke, Destroy! This new band, formed in early 2011, is on its way up. They released their debut EP, “Rosewell”, in June 2012 and their new EP is scheduled to be released in early 2014. They just released their newest single “Hellbent” featuring Shawn Spann (I, The Breather) on iTunes.

You can get “Hellbent” here:

Make sure you follow them on twitter and facebook for updates on new music and shows!

Artist vs. Poet new music!

Artist vs. Poet just released a new song “Close To You” on band camp.  

This pop/rock band formed in 2008 out of Texas and are currently located in LA.   You may recognize their lead vocalist from season 3 of the Voice.   Joe Kirkland was picked to be on Team Adam Levine and went on to have several performances.  After the Voice, Kirkland and the rest of the band got back in the studio and recorded their next album “Keep Your Secrets”.


You can listen to their new song “Close To You” here:


Buy “Keep Your Secrets” on iTunes here:


Check them out on twitter and facebook and keep up to date with new music and shows!