Modern Baseball

Have you heard the pop punk band Modern Baseball yet? Make sure you check them out. Their latest EP is out now! “You’re Gonna Miss It All” has been released on Run For Cover Records today!

They will be on tour with The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Real Friends, and Citizen! Make sure you check out their tour dates on their Facebook!

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AfterMidnight is a four piece band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They previously released a self titled EP in early 2012 and have been working hard since. They recently just put out a new EP called The Luminous in November 2013.

Make sure you get their new EP here:

you can also get their new album here:




“The Old Number 7” — Bleach Blonde

Check out this song from Bleach Blonde off their album “Starving Artist”. These guys are definitely worth a listen! Bleach Blonde has recently signed with Rise Records and features Danny Stillman and Danny Cooper of Drop Dead Gorgeous.



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“Lovekills” – Her Bright Skies

Check out this rock band who will be on the Bryan Stars tour this fall with Modern Day Escape, Ghost Town, Oh No Fiasco, and Say We Can Fly!

Her Bright Skies album “Rivals” is out now on iTunes check it out here:

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“I’ll Be There” – Fake Obsession

Check out this female fronted band from England. This rock band has released a number of songs on youtube including this song off their EP “Still Waters Run Deep”. You can also find them on iTunes, amazon, spotify, napster, and

Also make sure you check them on the following:

“One Of A Kind” – Derik Fein

For fans of pop/r&b music check out this Miami based artist, Derik Fein. Definitely worth a listen. He is currently working on his debut album so follow him on twitter and facebook for updates!

you can download “One of A Kind” for free here:

You can buy his single “Dance Forever” on iTunes here: