Vers! — Drake fans must watch!

Rap fans make sure you check out Vers. Vers is an up and coming rapper out of Florida and is known for his range of rap styles. Make sure you check out the video (below) of him doing impersonations of rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, and Eminem. He releases a new video each week on Thursday (Versday). So make sure you check out all his videos/remixes.

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Vers Imitates several rappers while freestyling!


Mike DeVoe new EP “Overtime” out now!

Mike DeVoe an upcoming rapper out of Pennsylvania just released his new EP today. Make sure you check it out. On the EP is the anticipated song “Good Good Bad” featuring Hi-Rez.

You can download Mike DeVoe’s EP “Overtime” here:

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Check out our recent interview with the rapper here:

Interview with Mike DeVoe!


Mike DeVoe is an 18 year old up and coming rapper with a new mixtape coming out at the end of the month called Overtime!  Check out this interview we did with him and listen to his music at the end of this post.  

First off, tell us a little about yourself – Where are you from?  When did you start rapping?

I am from Greeley, Pennsylvania!
I started rapping in 6th grade
In 6th grade me and friends would get together at a lunch table and have rap battles, usually nobody would take them serious, but my brother was in a band at the time and had all the recording equipment and one day I came home from school, all the equipment was set up, I messed around with it and I’ve been making music ever since!

What really got you into music?  Where do you get your inspiration from? 
My inspiration comes from my past events, everything that I have been through and seen, I put it on all my records, everything I release has a story behind it.

Anyone you look up to?  
I look up to all the artists that came from nothing, Machine gun Kelly is the biggest inspiration.

Style wise, who would you compare yourself to?
A lot of people say I sound like a mixture of Mac Miller, logic And MGK.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about your music?
 “Keep up the work, and it will come” Scott Storch said that to me.

 Out of all your songs, what are your favorites?

Everything on this new EP I am dropping this month, all the songs on it I feel are my best!

Who would you love to tour with?
 I would love to tour with Sammy Adams, Drake, and logic!

You have a new mixtape coming out.  Tell us a little bit about it.  What’s your favorite songs off of it? 
Yes, it is an EP and it is called “Overtime”, I put a lot of work into this, the songs “Good, Good, Bad” Feat. Hi-Rez and “Running” are my favorites! It is coming out at the end of this month, free download!

What do you want people to remember you by?  What are your goals?  Anything you want your fans to know?
I want them to know that you can reach your dreams no matter how crazy they are, and my goal is to prove that dreams can come true, I love my fans, they really are going to change my life and I can’t thank them enough!

Last but not least,  what is your favorite thing about making music? 
My favorite thing about music is that I can put all my emotion on a record and people can connect, it’s the best feeling.

Thanks for the interview Mike!


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Keep a look out for his new EP Overtime coming out at the end of the month!

Our previous post about Mike here:


Rap/Hip Hop fans make sure you check out JproD.   Great music, flow, and beats.  He does a great job with putting his emotions and life into his lyrics and has a great flow.  Definitely worth a listen. 

“Getting my music to the masses is my main concern while making music. I try to base my music off of my lifestyle, feelings, experiences with the hopes that someone out there can relate. I pride myself on keeping it real in my music. I get inspiration from all different genres, all different cultures, all different feelings. You get a sense of that less than halfway through my songs. It’s 2013, it’s time to keep it trill, time to be yourself, time to get amped. I’m kited. Hold the Throne. It’s that #TrifeLife.”  – JproD


HI – REZ new music

Make sure you check out Hi-Rez’s new mixtape that came out 11/12/13. Definitely worth checking out. Been following him for a long time now and he just keeps getting better. He puts his heart and soul into his music and you can definitely tell with this new project. All of his emotions are laid out in his songs and it makes for his best mixtape yet. Great project and looking forward to more from him in the future. Make sure you check him out on the Fuck Hi-Rez tour. Details on his facebook.

Get Product Of My Environment here:

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Make sure you check him out on his upcoming headlining tour.